Thank you for sharing this Anne, I totally get where you are coming from. This started happening to me, though not nearly on the same scale as you (take off about 5 zeros!). I noticed these fake followers were finding me from particular places - e.g. being listed as a writer for some publications I never even got round to writing for. The email notification Medium sends with a summary of your new followers explains where most of them come from e.g. "you have 30 new followers this month and most of them are finding you becuse you write for X publication." I removed myself as a writer from these publications and the 'fake' followers suddenly stopped coming. I'm sure some real followers also stopped coming, but I will just have to reach them another way! I still get a few new followers now and again, but most of them are real people who comment or like. This is infinitely more satisfying, I can totally understand your frustration. Glad you are trying to ignore it and just continue with your great writing. Medium definitely needs to improve.

I’m a writer with previous experience in education, NGOs and advertising. I have an active interest in conservation and a passive interest in making money.